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Issue Number 29


Editorial & News: How Far is 100 Years?, by Gillian Mawrey – plus international news.

Anniversary: Kensington Roof Gardens celebrating their 75th birthday, by Gillian Mawrey.

Optimist: Good news from around the world.

Pessimist: Bad news from around the world.


Garden Reviews: Emmarentia Botanical Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa, by Robert Peel.

Book Reviews: Decoding or merely describing?, Garden Making on a Grand Scale, French Connections, Poisonous Presents, Modernism and Modern, Ancient and Modern.


The Cream of Jersey Gardens: Sarah Rutherford reveals the ‘genius’ of Channel Island gardens.

Looking for Monsieur Lainé: Jill Sinclair seeks to restore the reputation of this Parisian landscape architect.

Botanical Sleuths Keep Georgia Gardens on the Right Path: Bob Kelley discusses the work of the Georgia Historic Landscape Initiative and its lasting legacy.

Conservation not Confrontation: Richard Mawrey explains how Spain is at the forefront of conservation projects protecting Islam’s horticultural heritage .

The Historic Gardens of Alcatraz: Jenny Randell in the beautiful gardens of Alcatraz.


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